Welcome to WPI Services

Our Firm provides consultancy services and analysis tools to optimize availability, lower total ownership costs, and transform the way enterprises look at the reliability, producability, availability, and maintainability of technically complex systems.  For large and complex systems, the consequences of a seemingly minor mistake can become much larger than expected, and small extra costs will continue to multiply over an ever-increasing system lifespan.  We help our customers across a spectrum of industries to find an optimal balance of cost and capability.  We understand that in an increasingly competitive and connected landscape, all types of systems must both maximize availability and be cost efficient. Our proven world-leading services and tools increase system reliability, control costs, and optimize capability while integrating with existing ERP/MRP Systems such as GOLDesp or SAP.

Our people, world leaders in ILS, are on a constant hunt for complex and challenging projects to expand our boundaries and create new solutions for customers. Our customers recognize the competitive advantage that results from our work.

Our world-leading tool suite, Opus Suite, is changing the game by helping our customers to ensure readiness, optimize capability, and demonstrate ROI. The Opus Suite is the foremost tool suite for logistics support analysis, spare parts optimization/Readiness Based Sparing, mission/operational analysis, and life cycle cost analysis. Whether in Rail, Oil and Gas, DoD Aviation and Unmanned Systems, Renewable Energy, Manufacturing, Mining, Commercial Aviation, or the Medical Community, from performing Facility Assessments to managing Transportation Fleets, our consulting services and unique toolset provide unmatched capabilities to quickly analyze, optimize, and implement affordable solutions.

Our combination of expert knowledge, efficient analysis tools, and extensive business understanding places WPI Services in a unique position in the market. We combine a high-level perspective with an important eye for details. Contact us today for more information.